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All of our friends had left us, and we were both stuck there. I mean Napa Valley of all places but that's basically how Carlos and I met.

I'm very happy to meet you. Also, I'm finished.

Oh my god! No, Grandma. Carlos is not a busboy. He's my boyfriend. I'm so sorry.

It's OK. She grew up during a different time.

Tell him to start mowing the lawn by the pool so it will be quiet for my nap.

Look familiar? Are you tired of your elderly relatives thinking their blatant racism is OK?

I don't know how to help my [bleep] grandma!

There is an answer. Generations. A revolutionary new facility where we give your elderly loved ones the politically correct social skills to get along in the modern world.

This person is what?


Our gardener?

No. Latino.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use an obstacle course to teach them fear hiding techniques.


We'll show them hard evidence to find stereotypes.

OK, everybody. Now watch very closely.

Somebody help him.

I'm perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern.

You're so articulate.

That's not a compliment.

In our two week Asian Intensive, your loved one will first learn what words are never says.

China man.

That's a never say.


Never say. Here at Generations, the repetition, patience, so much patience. Hand-holding, gentle controlling and coupon reinforcement, we prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Here's my new class now. Bitch, I'm trying to help you.


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