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At first the words in this song just make me feel totally pissed off. As the song goes on, though, I start feeling a little punchy. Like, I wanna get up outta my seat and do something about these atrocities (right after I finish dancing). Plus, that beat is pretty good, I hafta say.

Listen to it more than once, and it’ll be the most meaningful song you have stuck in your head all day. The chorus hits at 1:07, and it’s a message I don’t mind singing over and over again.


ORIGINAL: "The Jailer: Part 2" is a remix of Erin McKeown's critically acclaimed song, "The Jailer," a collaboration between Star Jaguar's Shawn King (Devotchka) and Stephen Brackett (Flobots), featuring Erin McKeown. Found on Air Traffic Control, where musicians can create change through their craft.

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