Meet The Wannabe New Barbie, No Longer Burdened With Those Unattainable Alien-Like Legs

Let’s be real: Barbie is a pretty messed up toy. First off, Mattel, the company that makes it, assumes that girls only want to play with dolls (not true), and the doll itself has such a ridiculous, unattainable look that it even has a syndrome named after it.* So one artist decided to see what she’d look like based on measurements from America's Centers for Disease Control for an average 19-year-old woman. Here's how he did it.

First, he printed a 3-D model.

Then he made the model look the part.

What do you think? Which one would you buy?

* Barbie syndrome is a real issue.


ORIGINAL: By Nickolay Lamm for Images used with permission. He probably got the data on body size here. If you're like me, you'd love to see this independent idea become a commercial reality. So tell Mattel to change Barbie’s proportions by letting them know on their Facebook page.


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