It Takes About 20 Celebrities To Explain Why 62 Million Girls Are Being Dumbed Down

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Usually when stars talk, people listen. But oftentimes they think it’s part of a massive PR stunt or contrived somehow. Well this time, forget all of that! Listen because it matters. Listen because what they’re saying is true (we have some pretty snazzy fact-checkers). And listen because it’s not just about women, or girls, but about progress everywhere.

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In Nigeria, hundreds of young girls were kidnapped as they prepared for their final exams at boarding school.

In Pakistan, a girl was shot for insisting she and her friends have the right to learn.

In Haiti, a young girl who couldn't afford to school showed up anyway, showed up every day until they let her stay.

A threat to girls' education anywhere is a threat to progress everywhere.

All girls should have the freedom to learn.

It's time to unlock their potential.

It's time to let them learn.

Children born to educated mothers are twice as likely to survive past the age of five.

One more year of education increases a woman's income by up to 25%.

A girl who has a basic education is three times less likely to contract HIV.

An educated girl is a healthier girl, a girl who will care for her children, who will earn more income.

Who will reinvest that income into her family, her community, and her country.

And yet, around the world, there are 62 million girls who are not in school.

There are millions more fighting to stay there.

You can make a difference.





You can make a difference.

Help Let Girls Learn.

Act now and you will see the impact because the world is much smaller than you think.

Because a girl with a book...

And a girl with a microscope...

And a girl with a hard hat...

And a girl with a gavel are the leaders and peacemakers of tomorrow.

Let girls learn.

Let girls learn.

Make the courage of so many girls around the world count.

Make it contagious.

Speak up. Reach out.

Share your concern, tweet it, post it.

Double down on your own education.

Start a movement.

Start here.

Start here.

Start here.

Start here.

Start here.

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I saw this super informative PSA created by USAID on the GraciousGirlz Twitter account while I was rocking my own little girl to sleep. To learn more about how you can make a difference to help girls learn worldwide, visit the USAID’s website.


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