Interesting Things Happen When Black Girls Date White Guys, Or Asian Guys, Or Latino Guys, Or...

Dating outside your race can be so tricky. I've lost count of the times I've been told racist-ish to racist-yikes things by potential mates. Part of you wants to make it a teachable moment, and part of you wants a second date. And as you'll see, that's only one small part of interracial dating.

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When I think about swirl, I think about the flavors coming together.

The color of love is green, as in money.

Our love is very colorful.

Black, white, yellow, purple, beige.

I am truly all about chocolates.

Take my chocolate, you mix with half vanilla, it's a beautiful sundae and I'd eat it right on up.

Oh, you guys will have such beautiful babies because they'll be mixed, and mixed kids are always beautiful.

I'm black, my babies' going to be black, my man's going to be black, and we're going to have black lives.

Inter-racial relationships have become a little trendy for some people.

She has never dated outside her nationality?

A lot of people are just curious.

Rob never dated a black chick.

Rob, they're everywhere.

White boys, I can talk to. Spanish boys, I can *bleep*. And my brothers, I can take home to daddy. Why pick one?

There's a lot of sexual differences between the races.

Oh, dear God.

You'll always be the woman I love, no matter what color you are.

My *bleep* is huge.


At least, that's what I would say.

I think black women have lost our culture a little bit.

I love my black woman, you hear me?

You can't call my [bleep] racist.

I like all races: Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese.

I think you're about to upset some people.

Do I think black men aren't sell out because they date white women? Yes.

I kind of like walking my white girl and getting on a … from a black girl.

I just happen to have the opportunity to catch me a nice white girl, well, yeah. When I can, best believe, I will.

Nothing wrong about a little swirl.

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Jul 14, 2014

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