If You've Never Checked Your Facebook Privacy Settings, This Couple Might Persuade You To

We are so plugged in these days that it isn't a big deal to share every thought, job, birth, friendship, breakup, meal, outfit, and more online. Everybody's doin' it right? Well, it's all good when friends and family see those posts, but then there's everyone else...

There's no denying this experiment was pretty funny, but identity theft is no laughing matter. In the wrong hands, your personal info can be used to open credit cards, spend your money, commit crimes, and make your life, finances, and credit a living nightmare. So please be smart about what you share online! The FTC has a whole branch of its site dedicated to identity theft, including a list of things you can do to protect yourself.

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CU Imperial college...

Financial recruitment.

Let's go... Ziggy, hey, it's Maddie.

Oh my God! How are you doing?



Oh my God! I thought it was...



Tom... Sorry to interrupt, It's Giles right?




Hey mate, how are you doing? Richard, right? I haven't seen you for years. I'm sorry, you used to go to Carly Park [SP] school didn't you?


You were talking about going to [bleep]...

Yeah. Wow, OK...

Wiley Festival [SP], we met, we were dancing next to each other...

Oh, hi. I'm sorry, that was so rude of me, how are you?

We met at Netherlander [SP}, we used to work the yard [SP], years ago.

Oh yes, how are you?

You went to University of Cape Town right?


And you were doing, like, art?

Oh, my God! How's your memory?

I know, I know. Your birthday's August the sixth, right?

Oh my God!

Yeah because Richard's, Ipswitch...

Are you?


I am Yeah. I went to [bleep] High School with your kids and you were going to Cambodia...

I was...

Or something like that?


This is really scary, my memory's coming back now actually.

When are you going to learn Chinese, or something? Cool, let me take your number, yeah?

Yeah, sure.

We'll get in touch.

Can I take your number?

Yes, of course.
Actually Jack, I'm not going to take your number, because I don't actually know you at all and neither does Maddie. We're both actors, but when you...

[inaudible 01:59] [laughter]

[inaudible 02:05]

How did you know about all of that stuff?

So, we will show you, your profile is very open.

It's not creepy at all.

I freaked out actually.

Oh, that's creepy.

I was very convinced. Did you get that through my Facebook because on Facebook we're not actually linked together.

Oh my word, they got you.

Lack of security online, oh my gosh.

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Jun 04, 2014

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