If A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, These People Have Written Entire Books With Their Images

Sometimes simply recording videos or images of violence and human rights abuse is all it takes to change things for the better. Or perhaps it's simply documenting one person's story and then showing that to the world. Here are a few of those who put themselves on the line, with a camera in hand, in order to make a difference.

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This is Borey. Borey captured the cruelty of forced evictions in Cambodia, where the government has bulldozed, and destroyed entire communities for profit. As thousands of people continue to fight for their homes, Borey exposes the truth behind their struggles.

Meet Bukeni. Bukeni filmed children as young as eight years old, who were robbed of their childhoods, and forced to become soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bukeni's footage and advocacy helped convict militia leader, Thomas Lubanga, of war crimes. Lubanga is now behind bars.

This is Laura. Laura helped expose the mass killings and disappearances of Mexican women and girls, who's only crime was to have been born female. Laura's story of one woman, forced authorities to recognize widespread violence, and to work towards a day when women don't just disappear. 

Mary first picked up a camera at age 60. She interviewed older men and women who suffered abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and put faces and voices to a silent crisis. Mary's interviews helped pass landmark legislation to protect vulnerable, older Americans.

Raja supports citizens and journalists in the Middle East who put themselves in danger to capture scenes like this one in Syria. Raja connects activists with resources they need to document the turbulence around them more safely.

These activists have turned us all into witnesses. Many risk their lives to share these stories, but to honor their courage, we must do more than just witness. Join us to create a global community of activists. Help us fight human rights abuses throughout the world. Help us expose the truth, one video at a time.

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I originally found this video on The Daily DoGooder. It's made by a nonprofit called WITNESS. And here is their Facebook page, and you can also find them on Twitter.

Feb 24, 2014

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