I Hear It Takes A Lot To Piss Off Susan Sarandon. Clearly, Blowing Up Mountains Does The Trick.

For anyone who’s never heard of mountaintop removal, basically we blow up mountains, right here in the U.S., to mine for coal. We don’t get much out of it, and the side effects are horrible. It’s like taking a drug that’s supposed to address one health problem, but it’s actually destroying the rest of your body — but with no hope for recovery. Take a minute to see Susan Sarandon break it down.

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America's mountains. America's drinking water. America's families are being sacrificed every day for an insignificant amount of coal.

This is mountaintop removal coal mining. It has already destroyed hundreds of mountains and streams forever.

Those streams now run with toxic coal waste. Children play in them, and drink from them, and sadly are getting sick from them. All of this for a mere seven percent of the nation's coal. Seven percent.

Mountaintop removal is an American tragedy; an unnecessary, outdated practice with no place in our clean energy future.

But families across Appalachia have chosen to stay and fight and they need our help.

I'm Susan Sarandon and I've pledged to help end the crime of mountaintop removal. Will you?

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Original by Rainforest Action Network. Fore more of the nitty-gritty on why mountaintop removal should be put out of business, check out the iLoveMountains.org resource page. Thumbnail image via this video.

Feb 11, 2014

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