How Does A Chimp Thank Its Savior After Being Freed? With A Heart-Crushing Hug (3 Minutes In).

This is story of Wounda, one of the hundreds of chimpanzees that live at Jane Goodall's rehabilitation center in the Republic of Congo.

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Dr. Rebecca Atencia: Her name is Wounda that it means close to die.

Dr. Jane Goodall: Wounda.

Wounda. And actually her name is exactly with her because she was in different situations that was close to that. The last time she had a very serious illness. She was really bad. She lost weight and she was look unbelievable.

Now we are going to give her [inaudible].

On the island.

On the island, yeah.

This is a really exciting moment for me. In here is Wunda and she nearly died, but thanks to Rebecca she came back from the dead almost. I mean I saw her looking almost dead, but, anyway, now she has a will to live and here she is about to come out into this paradise.

She’s the 15th chimpanzee to get her freedom back and we hope, ultimately, to have about 60 on the island. All waiting, waiting, waiting, and I’m hoping that for my 80th birthday, which is next year, that we can raise enough money to bring all of them out and give them all their freedom and that will be the best birthday present that I could. So I hope that you help us, please.

All waiting, waiting, waiting. I hope that you help us, please.

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The original video was made by the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and posted to its YouTube page. To learn more about how you can help save chimps like Wounda, you can check out their website.


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