Don't Be That Guy: 5 Things Some Dudes Need To Stop Doing To Women

Obviously, there are some really great guys out there. But I still see others doing this sort of stuff allll the time. I really hope a lot of people see this video because I can definitely picture an awesome future where women didn't have to deal with this. Heck, it'd be nice if no one had to deal with this sort of treatment or attitude. Check it out because these folks highlight such important (and common-sense) suggestions in a simple and incredibly entertaining way:

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Fellas, we need to work on how we interact with girls because I don't think we're really aware of all the stuff they go through just because they happen to be women. So, here are five things that guys really need to stop doing to girls. Number one, treating women like objects. Did you know that girls are human beings just like guys? I know, right! It's crazy. So, we probably shouldn't treat them like objects. They're not just nice to look at, or trophies that you win for being a good person. They have complex lives and experiences just like you. Oh, and all of this is true regardless of their relation to others.

You know, I used to objectify women all the time but, then one day I realized, that girl that I'm looking at, she's somebody's daughter.

Yeah and it's a good thing too, because otherwise, it would be totally justified to objectify.


Which naturally leads to number two, calling women hot. Can we just as a species, can we all agree to stop using the word hot? I don't think the I'm the only one out there who equates that term with shallow guys like this.


Man, she's hot.

Oh, super hot.

Like an eight?

Definitely the hottest girl we've seen today.

If you wanna make a comment on how you like the way a girl looks, you know, fine whatever but could we at least just try to notice her personality first? We'll make it into a personal challenge. I believe in us. Number three: not respecting her wishes. If a girl says she's not interested, she's not interested. It's like when some guy is hitting on a girl.

Woah! You're cute.

Oh, thanks.

Can I have your number?
Oh come on, why not?

Uh ha ha, just a little playful banter. It's kinda obvious she'd rather be left alone, but yeah, a little playful flirting never hurt anyone but, if she happens to mention.
I'm engaged.

Woah! I think that you misinterpreted.

So she's only got the right to be left alone because you were infringing on some other guy's turf, what? Oh, but the icing on the cake is when she tells people about the whole incident later, which actually leads to number four, the blame game. OK, so this girl is recounting the story about the creepy guy who came on to her in a Walmart.

He was such a creep.

Well, if he was bothering you, maybe you were leading him on.

Oh my gosh, was I?

Right right, because if a creepy guy interprets anything to mean that the girl was interested, that makes the whole thing the girl's fault. You know, a lot of time it seems like the girls get blamed for stupid stuff guys do.

Well, it sounds like she was asking for it. Well if she hasn't blah, blah, blah, then this probably wouldn't have happened. She said she likes "Star Wars." Of course I thought she was hitting on me. You know, it's really her fault that I misinterpreted the whole thing.

A guy's actions are never a girl's fault ever, ever ever ever. And finally, number five: acting entitled. Specifically, when it comes to the idea of girls being attracted to us. Let me tell you a story, it's kind of long so settle in, grab some pop corn. OK, you ready? Here it comes. Once upon a time, you liked this girl, but she didn't like you back, the end. That's how the story goes, love it, hate it, it's your life. You know, a lot of times, us guys feel like that if we're nice enough, then there's some kind of obligation on the girl's part to reciprocate.

Yeah right, we all know that nice guys finish last.

Hey, guess what? I've said this before, but it's worth repeating. You are not entitled to reciprocated feelings. Let's just try to be the kind of guys that are worth a girl's time, instead of assuming that we deserve it just because we are nice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch a Hollywood movie that doesn't objectify women. So, that means that I'm just gonna go read a book.

Stay tuned for a scene from our next episode but first, audible's audio book of the week.

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Next week on "Messy Mondays," Brian puts his foot in his mouth.


Man, she's hot.

Super hot.

She's like an eight?

I would say she's a 10.

I meant no, like that's my favorite shoe size on women.

Oh yeah, she's definitely an eight, yeah.

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This excellent little PSA was brought to you by the super creative folks of Blimey Cow, a Nashville-based group of YouTubers that just rule. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

Jun 23, 2014

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