Do Gay People Talk A Certain Way? Watch Linguists, Historians, And Gay Folks Tackle The Question.

Do you know anyone who "sounds gay"? Wait, what the heck does that even mean? Here's an introduction to a great film that will explore just what "sounding gay" is all about.

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David: What a beautiful day. This is me, David. In my life, I'm surrounded by gay voices, including my own. What do you mean I didn't like the Sun? I love the Sun.

But, sometimes I feel really self-conscious about sounding gay. I'm like, get me to the front of the line, I will kill you! And there was this, like, magical tutu that popped out from, like, nowhere.

Is that what I sound like?

Male Voice: I've been uncomfortable with the way that I've sounded for years. But it's like, there's nothing I could do about it.

Male Voice: If I could sound more masculine, I definitely would. It's not a choice to sound gay.

Female Voice: I don't think I sound like a woman. I think I sound like a very small man. You know, like this high.

Male Voice: I'm used to hearing my voice now. When I would first heart it, I quite frankly, would be, appalled.

Male Voice: A lot of gay men are self-conscious about sounding gay because we were persecuted for that when we were young.

Male Voice: Well, when I was in third grade, people started making fun of the way I talked and that's when the bullying started.

Male Voice: And so I remember changing my voice, or trying to sound less gay just to survive high school.

David: Growing up, I lived in constant fear of sounding gay.

Male Voice: I do have people who come to me who ask to sound less gay. You are a tongue-thruster.

Female Voice: Phone, so, alone, no.

Male Voice: Stop it, you're going "stop it".

Male Voice: Yeah, OK.

Male Voice: Stop it.

Male Voice: Stop it.

Male Voice: Right.

Male Voice: Our fathers brought forth on this continent.

Interviewer: You said continent? Perhaps you picked this up when you were young by listening more to women than to men.

Narrator: For many gay men, that's the last vestige of internalized homophobia. Is this hatred of how they sound. What's wrong with sounding like you are who you are? Sounding like a gay man? Having a gay voice?

David: OK. Stay with me. Ready? OK. Hi, my name is David Thorpe. Do I sound gay-

Male Voice: Yes!

David: Is the name of the kickstarter campaign I'm here to talk to you about. We literally just finished our last shoot for "Do I Sound Gay" after three years. I decided to make "Do I Sound Gay" because I…

Male Voice: Yes!

David:…didn't used to feel comfortable sounding gay. Now, I do feel comfortable sounding gay. So I want to share with you how I got to this place. I met so many other people who had questions about their own voices, about the relationship of sexual orientation to voice, why do some people sound gay and why do some people not sound gay.

Gay people and non-gay people wanted to talk about our voices, our sexual orientation, homophobia, internalized homophobia.

Male Voice: A lot of times when I hear myself, like, in a video, I'm very self-conscious. I think, "Oh my God, I sound so gay."

David: Now we're finally turning our attention to post-production. So we're going to do our final edits. We're gonna finally do our sound design and our sound mix.

We're gonna do a digital intermediate so we can color-correct the film and make it look beautiful. And we're gonna do graphics and animation. We have all these wonderful things that we need to do to finish "Do I Sound Gay".

Please join our Kickstarter campaign to finish "Do I Sound Gay"…

Male Voice: Yes!

David:…so that we can all have a big conversation about being ourselves.

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This video is part of David Thorpe's Kickstarter campaign to fund his film, "Do I Sound Gay?" If you're into it, check it out and give 'em some support!

May 29, 2014

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