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The whole thing is golden, but my favorite part by far is this:

The redesign she's talking about, by the way, looks like this:

(via the Disney Blog)


Sure, Ariel had her itty-bitty seashell bikini, but Ursula "made back fat f*cking sexy." And we need more of that kind of bravery in pop culture if you ask me.

If you think we need more heroes in all sorts of body types, you could Like Melissa on Facebook or follow her on Tumblr.


"Dear Ursula" was written and performed by Melissa May for Button Poetry. The redesign in question can be seen here. And BY THE WAY, before you all yell at me that being fat is somehow inherently unhealthy, I suggest you check your facts. Because you'd be wrong. And even if someone is both fat and unhealthy, that does not make them any less deserving of respect and kindness.

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