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We took to the street to the great, great challenge to see how well people can hold up under the pressure.  Do you think our heroes have what it takes to meet the physical demands?  Let's find out.

It's calling your name.  You can do it! Oh it looks pretty enticing. You just want to get into that crate. I'm just going to need you to do a couple exercises for me, okay?

Oh, my God!

All nice and snug.

You can do it [inaudible] right.

I need you to work with me and turn around. 

I'm not done ...

Let's raise our hands up to the sky ... bring them down, bend right over, touch your toes.

I think I heard a grunt.

[inaudible] come on.

Do the Hokey-Pokey . . .

I can't.

. . . that's what it's all about.

That's what she said.

Head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes.  Okay?

How about now, are you ready to get out of that thing?

I'm ready to get out!

You're ready?

This is the reason that we're down here. Trying to raise awareness of what it is that these pigs have to live through.

It's awful.

They're very smart, intelligent animals.

Smart or not, nothing deserves that.

80% of breeding pigs in the United States' pork industry keeps them locked in crates, unable to turn around. We are trying to do something. We think it's cruel.You have the opportunity to say something to the pork industry. What is it that you would say?

I think they need to come down and do the challenge.

They don't deserve to be in those cages at all, actually.

[inaudible] give them a lot more room.

It needs to end.

It sucks.

This is not a way to live. 

Ditch those crates!  Ditch these crates!

Tell the pork industry to stop using these gestation crates. 

Ditch these crates!

No animal deserves to live like this.

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Original by The Humane Society. To learn more about gestation crates, read more on their website.

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