FACT CHECK: The bill they discuss is not the latest one covering this issue. This bill, which was proposed in February 2014, is more recent. The NFL does make a ton of money, and it pays its executives a lot of money — money that should be taxed. If you think the free ride should end, sign this petition.

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Narrator: Anti-corruption organization Rootstrikers has joined Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn's fight to get the NFL tax exempt status revoked.The tax free status was given in the 1960s when the NFL was just getting off the ground.Technically, it only covers administrative operations like dues collection, drafting at the college level, and salaries for executives.

With estimated revenues of $9 billion the sports league is now the most financially successfully one in the world. As far as dispensing the paychecks, it's those very executive salaries that's helped motivate Rootstrikers to start rallying for the exempt to end. In 2011, the total payout to the NFL's top five exes was near the $60 million mark. Getting the ire of the group up further is the fact that much of the money to build multi-million dollar stadiums is supplied by taxpayers.

The NFL was quick to point out that individual teams do pay taxes and a good chunk of the leagues money ends up in their hands. Many don't consider that to be enough and legislation to nullify the NFL's tax exempt status has been stagnate since September. Rootstrikers hopes their campaign and petition will help move it along.

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