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Male: The Tools for Peace Summer Teen Camp is an extension of our in-school programs in our Stop, Breathe & Think App. It's a week long experience where teens can come to learn mindfulness and meditation, to help develop and inspire passion and kindness in their everyday life. We offer so many activities, from horse back riding, swimming, arts, crafts. We do yoga at least twice a day, sports, and the creation of a community sand mandala. Many of our campers come from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds and they have shared that their experiences at camp had deeply changed their life.

Campers leave with a set of tools that help them face the difficulties and challenges that they experience in school, in their communities or at home with more compassion and understanding. Our goal is for summer teen camp to become an annual meeting place for teens from across the country where learning and developing mindfulness and compassion, a place where teens can come together and realize that they aren't alone and that there are people at their same age working towards the same goal, to make peace. You can make this camp experience possible by donating to our Indigogo campaign to spike camp scholarships for teens across the U.S.
If there's one thing that we need more of in this world, it's kindness and compassion. So make peace and send a kid to camp.

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To find out more about the Tools for Peace program that inspired this video, visit their website. You can also help spread the digital love by following them on Facebook or Twitter or downloading their free mindfulness app.

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