A Funny Commercial That Actually Respects Women! Oh, Except The Tagline At The End.

Snickers, the chocolate bar, has released a commercial that somehow manages to be offensive and sexist to both men *and* women.

Don't get me wrong; most of the commercial is great. Pretty funny, actually. But then the ending just made me shout at my laptop, "BOOOOO, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE THAT TAGLINE." It basically reads: Treat women with respect? Nah, just eat Snickers, and your normal misogynistic self will return! What's even worse is that they make a sweeping generalization that all construction workers are catcallers. If not eating Snickers means people turn respectful and articulate, this is a terrible advert to get people to go and buy it.

But *perhaps* I'm looking at this too deeply. In short: Catcalling isn't cool. Even yelling nice stuff to women randomly on the street isn't great either (Why yell anything?!). But let's face it, Snickers isn't going to solve it, so while the ending of this commercial kinda sucks, I still think the most part of it can be enjoyed.

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Male: Hey! Darling? You have yourself a lovely day.

Male: Hey! That color really works on you. Have a productive day.

Male: Do you want to hear a filthy word? Gender bias.

Male: Absolutely.

Male: Yes.

Male: I know.

Male: Uh-huh.

Male: I'd like to show you the respect you deserve.

Male: Yeah, well said.

Male: A woman's place is wherever she chooses.

Male: I appreciate your appearance as just one aspect of who you are.

Male: You know what I'd like to see? A society in which the objectification of women makes way for gender neutral interactions free from assumptions and expectations.

Male: All right.

Male: You go girl.

Male: What do we want?

Multiple Speakers: Equality.

Male: What don't we want?

Multiple speakers: Misogyny.

Male: What do we want?

Multiple Speakers: Equality.

Male: What don't we want?

Multiple speakers: Misogyny.

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The original video is by Snickers.


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