6 1/2 years of selfies show her life with mental illness.

Meet Rebecca Brown. I don't personally know her, but I YouTube know her. From what I can tell, she is a very charming and creative artist and filmmaker who uses her skills to create online diaries about her mental health issues (among other things) — namely depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, and dermatillomania.

In her words:

Q: Trichotillo-what?!
A: Trichotillomania. It's a complex hair disorder, where I am compelled to tear it all out strand by strand. It's classified as an ICD (similar to OCD).

Now back to my words. ;) "ICD" means impulse control disorder. "OCD" means obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dermatillomania is a condition that causes one to obsessively pick their skin.

She's brave and bold to share this with all of us. And she's teaching millions of people about what it's like to live with disorders they've possibly never even heard of. Also? She's letting other people who suffer in silence know they're not alone. Rebecca Brown, I'm a fan. <3

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