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samuel l jackson

In 2011, Adam Mansbach created perhaps the first children's book written specifically for parents, called "Go the F*ck to Sleep." The hilarious story, which chronicles a parent's desperate desire to get a child to sleep, was made even greater when it was read aloud by world-class f-bomb dropper Samuel L. Jackson.

Now Mansbach and Jackson have collaborated on a new take on the book for the coronavirus pandemic. It's a poem called "Stay the F*ck at Home," and it's perfect. It begins:

The 'rona is spreading. This sh*t is no joke. It's no time to work or roam.

The way you can fight it is simple my friends—just stay the f*ck at home.

Now technically, I'm not a doctor. But motherf*ckers listen when I read a poem.

So here I am, Sam F*ckin' Jackson, imploring you—keep your ass at home.

This is exactly the entertaining admonition we all need right now. Enjoy:

Samuel L. Jackson Says Stay the F**k at Homeyoutu.be