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price is right

Henry leaps in excitement after winning Bonkers.

It has to be exciting to be a contestant on the “The Price is Right.” First, the chances of being called by the audience on stage are about 1 in 36. Secondly, of the approximately 9 people called from the audience to play the game, only 6 make it past Contestant’s Row.

So it’s not surprising that someone would get a little excited after making it on the stage with Drew Carey and winning their first game. But a contest named Henry, who appeared on the Thursday, June 15 episode, took things to the next level.

After winning a game of Bonkers, he jumped up and down with his arms stretched over his head and dislocated a shoulder.

But the injury didn’t disqualify Henry from securing his spot in the Showcase Showdown. The judges allowed his wife, Alice, to spin the wheel for him. “Let me explain what happened,” Carey said. “This is Alice, Henry's wife. Henry was celebrating and going 'Woo,' and he dislocated his shoulder. So, he's not going to be able to spin the wheel, but Alice is going to spin the wheel for him,” Carey added.

Alice did a great job at the wheel, spinning 95 cents (intending to get as close to $1 as possible). As Alice cheered, Carey joked, "Don't hurt yourself!" In the end, Henry and his wife won a trip to Hawaii, and he has recovered from the injury.

“He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER,” the gameshow joked on its Instagram page.