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Henry leaps in excitement after winning Bonkers.

It has to be exciting to be a contestant on the “The Price is Right.” First, the chances of being called by the audience on stage are about 1 in 36. Secondly, of the approximately 9 people called from the audience to play the game, only 6 make it past Contestant’s Row.

So it’s not surprising that someone would get a little excited after making it on the stage with Drew Carey and winning their first game. But a contest named Henry, who appeared on the Thursday, June 15 episode, took things to the next level.

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On Thursday night, the Canadian version of "Family Feud" delivered one of the most unforgettable moments in game show history.

The game came down to one last question to decide whether the Dubois or the Tomlin family would be the winner.

"Real simple," host Gerry Dee said at the podium. "There's one question – only one answer. Whoever gets it, they're playing for $10,000, that's it. Whoever gets it wins the game."

He then asked the question: "Name Popeye's favorite food."

Before he could even get the whole sentence out of his mouth, Eve from the Dubois family chimed in and said ... well you gotta watch the video.