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paul rudd

Pop Culture

Paul Rudd sent a fake Cameo to Jeremy Renner during his recovery and it's hilarious

"Hey Jerry, I hear you're a little banged up. Got in a fight with a snowblower, apparently?"

Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Now that's a Cameo.

Actor Jeremy Renner has undoubtedly received a ton of warm wishes and thoughtful gestures following his snow plow accident on New Year’s Day. But one special message from Paul Rudd is its own special kind of wholesome.

While appearing as a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new Disney+ series “Rennervations,” the “Hawkeye’ actor revealed that his fellow Avenger sent a gag video in the form of a very awkward fake Cameo video.

“Anybody know Cameo, where you can pay money and they get some movie star to say, 'Hey, happy birthday?'" Renner asked the audience.

Well, Rudd apparently decided to troll Renner during his recovery, Cameo-style. Because that's what friends are for, right?

In the clip, which is complete with a little Cameo logo on the screen, Rudd quips, "Hi Jerry, I hear you're a little banged up. Got in a fight with a snowblower, apparently?" Not even getting Renner’s first name right. LOL-worthy, I tell you.

He continues, "Anyway, I just wanted to send this video. It's really from the heart. I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like you are. Apparently, you're a pretty tough guy. Maybe I'll get to meet you one day. Wouldn't that be something?"

He then concludes with a giggle, "In the meantime, take care, and take it easy for a while. And next time, maybe just let the snow melt.”

Perhaps the funniest bit of all is how desperately Rudd needs to wipe his camera lens.

Watch below:

Often when we are going through a tough time, it’s our goofball friends who seem to help lift our spirits the most. Here’s to all the clowns who know that laughter really is the best medicine.