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my heritage


Such a sweet story

Families might get displaced for a number of reasons. But luckily, advancements in technology make it more possible for those separated from their loved ones to find them once again and reclaim a sense of peace.

Good Morning America first shared the story of Mary Butler, who (with the help of DNA testing through My Heritage) was able to reunite her mother Bobbi Gambrell with siblings she had lost contact with 65 years ago, after being placed for adoption as a child.

In a tearful TikTok video, Butler shared how finding out that she had aunties, uncles and cousins was a “prayer being answered.”

The discovery was an equally emotional one for Gambrell, who was at a loss for words during a video phone call with Randalph, the baby brother she had never really known.

@marysmoving literally found my people #ancestry#myheritage #23andme ♬ original sound - marysmoving

“I can’t right now, baby,” she says in the clip, tears streaming down her face. “It’s just too much.”

My Heritage even set up an in-person family reunion. It was made instantly clear that even though they might have never met, they were clearly a family, especially when it came to their shared love of dancing.

@marysmoving big shout out to #myheritage for making this happen. our time together went by so quickly. we planned for our official family reunion for July 2024! #family #reunited#reunion#adopted ♬ original sound - marysmoving

“Family is important. It gives you a sense of belonging,” Butler reflected with GMA. “It gives you a sense of identity.” This is something that’s become even more important to her as she has begun growing a family of her own.

Watch the full story below: