joe rogan

Podcaster Joe Rogan and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Mega-popular podcaster Joe Rogan is often referred to as a right-wing media personality because of his controversial opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic and for inviting people from the conservative fringe on his show.

However, when it comes to the issues, he’s pretty clear about being a liberal.

“I’m so far away from being a Republican. Just because I believe in the Second Amendment and just because I support the military and just ’cause I support police [doesn’t mean I’m a Republican],” he said on the July 23 episode of his show.

“Like I was on welfare as a kid. I think it’s important. I think having a social safety net is crucial. We should help each other,” Rogan concluded. “We’re supposed to be one big community. I’m a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to a lot of shit.”

In the same episode, he told comedian Andrew Schulz why he endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election—it was because of his character and policies.

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