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Mischa goes through an amazing transformation after being fostered.

Mischa is a mixed-breed dog discovered in a forest in Romania with her two siblings in March 2021. It’s believed she was just a month old when she was rescued. "They [Mischa and her siblings] were terrified of humans. If they hadn't of been rescued, they all would of died from cold and hunger in the forest,” Paula Biddle, a volunteer at Noah's Ark Dog Rescue in East Anglia, England, told Newsweek.

Even though Mischa’s and her siblings were fostered, she was returned to the kennel after she was sent to "didn't work out with the resident dog."

After spending just about all her life in kennels, the rescuers felt they were running out of time with Mischa because of her deteriorating mental state. As time passed, Misha "got more scared and started to shut down; she wouldn't come near us at the kennels so we had to do something," Biddle said.

But on October 1, over two and a half years since being moved to a kennel, Mischa was fostered by Trish Edwards, who saw her story on the Noah's Ark Dog Rescue’s TikTok page.

The video of her first moments outside the kennel shows how Mischa’s attitude completely changed once she was in a comfortable home environment. "We were all amazed at how different she was,” Biddle said.


Remember the video of terrified Mischa? Well she has gone into foster and the difference by the afternoon was amazing. We can’t thank the family enough fir giving Mischa a chance of a happy life. #dogrescue #thisisrescue #adoptdontshop🐾 #rescuedogsoftiktok #noahsarkdogrescue #dogadoption #kennellife #dogfoster #terrifieddog

The video shows what can happen to dogs when they are fostered or find a forever home. "What a beautiful and lovely dog. Terrified to the bone, but still no aggression. Hope she has found her forever home," Jewelry by Jorika wrote on the post. "All they need is a chance and a bit of love and patience," JohnnyMoore128 added.

If you’re interested in helping a dog like Mischa, learn more about becoming a dog or cat foster from the ASPCA.