Workers At McDonald's Decided To Take Their Case To Shareholders. This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Workers at McDonald's not only went on strike in several cities around the world — they got arrested at McD's headquarters during an annual shareholders meeting. Shareholders left after they called police. 139 picketers were arrested. The words chanted at the end of the clip? "I believe that we will win."

So do I, good people, so do I.

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Adriana Alvarez: My Name is Adrian Alvarez [SP]. I work at McDonald's for about four years now and I make $9.15 an hour. Today, I was arrested because I wanted to show McDonald's that we're tired of their petty wages. I was willing to put myself out there, I guess, so they can see that we're done with everything, and I want to make my son proud.

Fifteen, I mean, would mean a lot to me and my son. It will change my life completely. I can get out of a basement I'm in. I can provide for him. You know, whatever he needs. It's not a question of do I get it this week? Do I get it next week? It's no he needs it now, OK get it. I can provide better schools for him.

I would like to tell McDonald's that you know your wrong. Why are you doing it? Stop being greedy. We fight hard everyday to live everyday and it's not adding up. It's ridiculous how much your making compared to what we're making. We're working for you. Take a second, think about it that there are children involved not just high school workers anymore. There are families involved.

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This video was made by one of the leaders in this movement, Low Pay Is Not OK. Go check them out if you'd like to see more. Their website is here.

May 28, 2014

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