Why Are Her Baby Pictures Under Surveillance?

Our right to a free and open Internets has been under threat lately. The NSA — btw, that stands for the National Security Agency, which has the fancy responsibility of analyzing and acting upon security data — has gotten into the habit of spying on Americans with no justification (including 12 spies who were using NSA tools to spy on their significant others). No, I'm not kidding.

The FCC — btw, that stands for the Federal Communications Commission, which is supposed to regulate and protect our communications channels — just made it easier for big companies to control the speed at which you are allowed to access particular websites. For example, your Internet company (i.e., Comcast or Verizon) could turn into a tiered pay system. So instead of being like a public utility where everyone gets the same amount of water or electricity, Verizon could give Netflix faster access for a fee, but then the smaller start-up that wants to compete and couldn't afford it would get slower access.

The Internet has become one of the most important resources in our lives. It's a shared resource that all of us take part in. Government spying on it and corporate interference in it are probably not things we want for the future. So Mozilla had some children voice concern for their own future. Because it's important. What kind of web do you want?

With all the leaks coming out about what the government is collecting, it's kind of important that we are aware of what is happening to our rights.

I happen to agree with them. If you do too, you could totally share this.

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I am not a data point to be bought and sold.

I am not a threat.

Why are my baby pictures under surveillance?

My identity is mine. You don't own it.

I am a citizen.

Who lives in the world and on the web.

I need rights.

Rights I can understand.

I need technology I can trust from people who respect me.

I'm grateful for what you've given the world and scared of how powerful you've become.

Remember to put me first! Balance commercial profit and public benefit.

Keep the web free and open. Give me the tools I need to build the future I dream.

The internet is our largest shared resource.

Let's take care of it. There has never been a better time.

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By the fine folks at Mozilla who are doing their part to keep the Internets free and open. Check out their efforts to prevent the NSA and other agencies from invading your privacy.

Apr 30, 2014

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