What Does A Union Do For You, Anyway?

I've seen this question answered in many different ways, but these are some really solid, down-to-earth answers.

(Note: If the accents sound a bit odd to you, it’s because they’re in Alberta, Canada.)

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Male: Some of the benefits that that would pass along is that once you've started the process, your pension will build and it will build fast.

Female: It's hard to explain because every company has different agreement. Every single company with union has an agreement and these little books. And if you don't follow it, you get in trouble because it's legally binding agreement. Be anything from getting your job back if you're wrongfully laid off and they'll fight for you, every single one of them. That's why they're there. They're not just there to take your problem, shove it under the door.

Interviewer: So they...

Female: They actually do something about it.

Male: In your future, you're going to have a great future with your pension.

Male: If you have a family, through our benefit program, their health and wealth, they will be looked after.

Male: Your family's life is going to be good. You'll be able to spend a lot of time with your family, take your family in a nice vacations.

Male: Steady, secure work and a good wage.

Female: You're in a place where people actually care about you because they'll fight - I worked in that office all summer - they'll fight for anything, for their brothers.

Interviewer: And sisters.

Female: And sisters. Oh, yeah.

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This video was made by Teamsters Local 362, based in Alberta.


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