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Male: Dance is dance. So dance is everything for you. Just dance dammit. But dancer shall respect the dance. And first and foremost, respect yourself. 

Jack Frost: My name, Damon Damon Genghis Khan, Keith McLane, Jack Frost. 

Future: Future, in the house. Daniel E. Kelly the Third. So.

Shake: Little shake. Shake.

Rapper: From the Aurora Borealis to Ceasers Palace in Dallas they sell us the Chalice of Bailey's, the foulest, it's calloused for Alice. They tell us we're givers and takers for acres and acres of movers and shakers. Blessed are the peace makers. My feet are my Mercedes, that often can lead to Hades, or before angels that are bound at the river through faith. Posting prior nineteen eighties, more babies are having babies and ladies are naming these babies electric Mercedes. It's a peripatetic aesthetic from a pathetic heretic who walked the earth that the meek will inherit. The scenario from an aerial point of venereals, I am armed like an adjutant, sound boy, bound boy. I give it my all. I gave it [???] and carried my cross into the heavenly city of David. It's a pivotal, unequivocal, digital, spiritual from the typical lyrical miracle individual. Born again I'm umbilical, from bottom to pinnacle, the skeptical cynical. Dudes are getting slapped with two identical tentacles while I'm grabbing my genitals, writing graphical ventricles while you're going through menopause. Prime ministers, senators,  they're filling the Senate floors. So bio-hazardous rhymes is toxic chemicals. Lean back to it, make it clap to it. Err-body in the house, fall a black to it. 

Future: I feel a little inspired. Actually I feel really inspired. I want to do some really awesome, awesome sharing. I feel that we have seen things from each other that we didn't know that we were capable of on our own. As well as trying to breach each other's boundaries, to see how far we can really go when we get busy. Keep your ear to the music and your eye on the body. 'Cause what you see with the eye is what you hear in the music. 

Jack Frost: For me, what I want is good dancing. I want to believe to the extent where it just blows my mind. Oh my God, this person is such an individual. And who knew? I want to be inspired, and I want to believe. 

Rapper: And it goes a little something like this. I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it. To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.

Shake: Now one thing we share in common, this it he secret y'all. You become tamed in this, you become learn't, or you maybe just born with it. I'm just gonna be honest, we're born with it, but we stay sharp with humility and constantly exercising this right, which is, we are beat masters. As in, any rhythm, you give 'em, trust, we can deliver 'em. We've been there, done that, do it, and did that. 

Jack Frost: First, when I met the cat, he was so humble, that it would trick you into thinking that he wasn't a monster. He goes "I really like to wave." But it's like, those f-ing words echo through my mind to this day. 

Rapper:People go "hey really likes to wave." So, so Future is, they talk about obsessive behavior? 

Shake: Yeah.

Jack Frost: I think maybe he is the over-obsessive wave-ologist. I hope it's good for you, because it it's not good for you, it'll, it's gonna do you in.

Rapper:It ain't nothin' like hip-hop music. You like it 'cause you choose it. Most DJ's wont refuse it. A lot of sucker MC's misuse it. It ain't nothin' like hip-hop music. You like it 'cause you choose it. Most DJ's wont refuse it. A lot of sucker MC's misuse it.

Future: Have fun, first and foremost. If anything, have fun. You don't have to be perfect with your dance step, uh, even if you, if you think you look like a little baby when you're dancing, you know. A, hold the rhythm. Learn to hold the rhythm if you have no rhythm. You know, learn what rhythm is. Every time you freestyle, there's constant refinement of yourself, and you come up with something else that you didn't do before, or you just do something cleaner or funkier than you did the last time you did it, and, uh, you know your mind and your soul are holding a conversation to reach that oneness, to really feel release and feel free. To not be stressed, you know. It's kind of like coming out of the gym and going "man, I feel great! Now what the hell was I dealing with?" You know, after that, that's when you start seeking yourself. Finding who you are in your dance. 

And you know, we all just like graffiti styles. We all bit a letter or two. We didn't try to bite whole outlines, we try to bite a letter. We try to flip that letter to make it yours. So it becomes a point where even a person who make a letter up that you bit it from will never recognize it. And then it could be dope, because if you met that artist, and then they appreciate the style that you're doing, and then you want to tell them then, "well not for nothing, but you were my main influence." "Well how is that?" "Here, let me show you your letters." They would probably be really, really honored. I'm, I'm certain of it, you know. Um, they would know that they had a student, even though they didn't know they had a student.

Rapper: It ain't nothin' like hip-hop music. You like it 'cause you choose it. Most DJ's wont refuse it. A lot of sucker MC's misuse it. It ain't nothin' like hip-hop music. You like it 'cause you choose it. Most DJ's wont refuse it. A lot of sucker MC's misuse it.

Future: So, finding yourself is the ultimate in the dance. Ultimately, finding yourself.

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Original by Maceo Frost, son of dancer Damon Frost (the funny fella in the glasses). Give Maceo some Facebook love in the form of a Like, willya?

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