This Kid's Body Is A Nightmare. Thankfully, He Has His Epic Sense Of Humor To Keep Him Awake.

Shane Burcaw's body is kind of horrible to him. So much so that he devoted a whole blog to it called "Laughing at My Nightmare."  He's pretty sure he won't live past 30. Thankfully, he and his amazing family and friends haven't let that stop him. He says something pretty crass right at the beginning, but don't let that prevent you from staying till the end. Bring a box of tissues if you know what's good for you. If you aren't crying by 12:20, you are dead inside.

Shane is taking his nightmare on the road and filming a documentary about his first road trip without his parents. It's kind of a big deal. Check it out. And then share this if you want to help his nightmares become fulfilled dreams. 

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