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When you go to the mall to get some new pants or whatever, just remember some of the 1,129 people who died making those clothes. And check out the campaign below the clip. If you'd like.


Ismail Ferdous: I started my day normally like other days. Immediately I take my camera and get there. I suddenly felt, "Am I in a war zone?" I was hearing the scream from the rubble, someone saying, "Chop off my leg and pull me out!" I stopped shooting, I was trying to help. Around 7.30, two volunteer workers called me and showed me the dead bodies under the rubble. I saw the bodies huddled, holding each other, to survive. I started shooting again. I feel like these images should be the voice of this people who died. No one knows their story. How they survived making these clothes for the first world countries.

There is no question, the contribution of government industry in Bangladesh and in the economy. But it needs more good rules and regulations. I see the brand names, all the time, the tags remind me of the tags I have seen in the Rana Plaza collapse. People don't want to pay more so if you don't want to pay more, how the producer would pay more to the worker. So its like the chain, start from the consumer and ends to the laborer. Still a lot of people are missing. They didn't find their bodies. Somebody lost two daughters, two sons. Husband, wife, both. Who takes their responsibility?

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