The Funny, Slightly Rude, Yet Beautiful Story Of How A Mom Found Out Her Son Was Gay

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Rita and Jay Fischer have a slightly scandalous, totally adorable story of his coming out to his mom to share with you. There is a smidge of not-safe-for-work language in this (it's bleeped). At 1:09, I get a little teary.

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Rita Fischer (RF): When you called and came out it was quite a shock. I had no inkling--none whatsoever. You tell me you're gay, and I said, "Listen. Give me a half hour to come to myself, and I'll call you back." And so I did call back and I said, "This is not telephone discussion. I think you best come speak with dad and I. But don't worry we're going to love you the same way."

Jay Fischer (JF): When you talked about not knowing about me being gay, I mean, I consider you a lot of things but dumb isn't one of them, and I had left so many clues.

RF: I don't know what clues you're talking about.

JF: I had somebody over for three times a week for five years.

RF: In my house?

JF: In your house. I had a fuck buddy.

RF: That's what you call them? Fuck buddies?

JF: (Laughs) Well I can call them a lot of things. But…

RF: (Laughs) I don't know what you call them, but I didn't know, and that's all.
I would not be so dumb now. I have what they call gaydar.

JF: God bless.

RF: I can pick them up in a minute.

RF: And the very high point for me was when you, Jay, and Michael had your commitment ceremony.

JF: Yes.

RF: Dad I and were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. And you suggested that we make it a joint celebration. And when dad and I walked you down that aisle. I was so overwhelmed that I thought I was going to drop dead from a heart attack. It was one of my bursting moments of pride.

JF: I consider you a blessing to both me and Michael. And that's as best as I can put it.

RF: I think straight parents should be involved with their gay children. I told everybody and anybody who would listen to me, that I had a gay son and that I was very proud of my gay son.

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Interview by the awesome folks over at StoryCorps. If you are a parent of an LGBTQ kid, you can help support them by Liking PFLAG on Facebook and supporting your local chapter.


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