Some Women Wax. Some Men Buzz. And Some Men In Australia Are Doing This.

NSFW is the name of the game with this short documentary. The career path that former women's hairdresser/current naked barber Richard Savvy has built for himself will feel unusual for a lot of you, but it's a safe space for him and his clients. And isn't that what really matters?

(Once more with feeling: NSFW, from the moment you press play.)

Hey. Hey you.

Hopefully your reaction is a little less "I find this strange and ridiculous and it ruined my day!" and a little more "Well, that was an interesting look into someone else's life." (Either way, it's OK. There were both reactions here on the Upworthy staff). I think we can all agree though — this is something else.

You have to admit though: To willingly open your "not normal" life up to scrutiny just to share the story of who you are is a brave thing. These two are being completely honest, and Richard is living his own advice (at 5:22 — you were listening to the words they were saying, right?):

It's the way we should be in life, one thing that I embrace, not living to what we're "meant" to be doing. ... Having [a] normal job doesn't appeal to me. ... [Some] days I walk around the street, thinking i'm just a "normal fella'" like everyone else.

And then [I remember]. No, I'm not.
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So this would probably be my most popular service out of all the services I do, and my most erotic service.

It's the scrotum shave.


And then cutthroat, nice finish?

Oh, yeah.

Cutthroat the edge? You like the cutthroat?


Good man most guys do. Did you want me naked for this? Obviously, I'm the naked barber.

We better be.

Yep, you too?

Oh, why not?

All right, let's do it.

We get a lot of guys that haven't got the best bodies. They're not that well hung. They don't want to feel intimidated. So being in what I would call an average bloke is probably a lot better than if I were some spunky model with steroid body and big dick and you intimidate guys. I do anything that a beautician or hairdresser or barber would do. I do body waxing, clippering, shaving, haircuts, cutthroat shaving, beard trim. When you're doing ass and genital waxing you have to, like at a beautician or anything, you have to get in these different areas and lift your leg up, do this, get doggy-style, around there. And it just, another thing it came out of my mouth which suited my business and the concept well I just looked at him and went, 'Shit, I should just chuck you in a sling and we can just get this all off and done and you're going to look great when... the next time you're in a sling.

At this very moment Richard is shaving my balls and the end of my dick, it's going to make my dick look a bit bigger, which is always a nice thing. It's an amazing feeling to have someone else doing this. It's not something that I would normally do myself. The sensation of having somebody else do it is, is something entirely different again. It is quite an erotic experience, it is quite arousing.

I always say, like a lot of guys shave their own balls. They don't get the shape right, they usually go too high, stuff like that, look funny. Like most things I always find it's a lot nicer to have someone else do it for you than to do it yourself. I guess a lot of women go in and get weekly blow-dry's. I get a few clients that come in for a weekly scrotum shave. The fear of using a razor and having someone that's not yourself. Is he going to nick me? But you get that with the cutthroat shaving as well especially under the neck. You know you can see that a lot of them get turned on like this, a lot of it's by the fear.

Usually you find...and I've had straight guys, I've shaved straight guys balls before, for the experience. You find that straight guys like...that are really comfortable, they know who they are, they don't give a shit. They'll go to gay bars, they'll dance with other men, even probably give them a kiss on the cheek or something like that. They'll get their balls shaved, they know there's nothing to it. I get a lot of straight guys, and women that get me to keep my clothes on, they don't want the kink. But they love the fact that they come into the naked barber.

When I first came out, homosexuality it was all about being different. And we embraced, we loved the being different. We loved the whole high sexual part of it and we were freaks in some people's eyes.

As soon as you don't give a shit what other people think, you're a 100 miles ahead.

No, you find people in the fetish scene... gay, straight, male, female, whatever, they're usually a lot more confident. And that's why you find a lot of them too... Shakara, are barristers, and you know police, and they've got these high-powered jobs that you just wouldn't think.

I'll tell you this, and honestly there's nothing different between men, women, gays, straights, we're all the same. Some people are just not kinky, others are. You even get religious people that probably won't talk about, and they'll be dirty in the bedroom. But same question we were talking before about guys going to beauticians getting women to wax. And that's why I get some straight, well not some, a lot of straight guys that don't want me naked, they have to go in the sling. But they're fine with that, they forget about what it's used for. And get their balls waxed by me because I'm a bloke instead of going to a female.

I don't really care for seeing someone's dick. I work with them, I cradle them all the time. But you get other guys, and they're just heading to get pictures of other guys penises and stuff like that or watching porn or anything like that. I'm more into the chemistry now between someone than what I would've been when I was younger. I enjoy watching other guys get off on it, that's where I know I've got a good business. But as far as it being my fetish, no. You wouldn't want to pay some guys that's getting off on shaving and waxing you because you're thinking, 'He's getting off just as much as I'm getting off. Why am I paying for this?'

And I was brought up very spiritual, probably more of the Buddhist religion than anything and my mom especially pretty much brought us kids up with 'Be who you want to be'. You can be whoever you want to be. And do it, you only live one life, do it. Don't worry about me or your dad or anything like that. As long as you're not hurting anyone else, make the most out of this life that you live. And I think that's what my parents loved the most about me is ...okay, I'm their gay son, it's probably not exactly what they chose, especially after my mom said... you know I was an award winning professional hair dresser for female, and now I've gone to do this. What am I doing? But she didn't understand it in the beginning. Now she understands it, now she gets it and she's so proud of me. Don't meet many parents like that unfortunately.

It's the way we should be in life. It's the one thing that I embrace you know, not living to what we're meant to be doing in life, having that normal job doesn't appeal to me. Even though there are days I walk around the street thinking I'm just a normal fellow, like everyone else and then I've got to double think and think, 'Oh hang on a minute, no I'm not.'

Well man that's why I heard the rumor on you, I have to be honest with you. Yeah, yeah.

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Original video by PLGRM (Facebook / Twitter), about Richard Savvy, the Naked Barber (Facebook / Twitter).

Aug 20, 2014

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