Penn And Teller Knock Down Little Kids To Prove Why You Should Get Vaccinated

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Some NSFW language, but an important message. Get your vaccinations, y'all.

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Penn Jilette: Hi. I'm Penn and this is my partner, Teller. You may have heard that vaccination causes autism in 1 out of 110 children. Fuck that. Total bullshit. It doesn't, but let's imagine it does. We'll compare two groups of children. Teller's group gets no vaccinations, my group does.

I'll use this Plexiglass to represent the vaccinations. Oh, oh. That's bad. My vaccination wall knocked one of the children out of line. That's our 1 in 110 with autism.

In the 1920s, before the diphtheria vaccination was common, there were 13,000 to 15,000 deaths a year from that disease. If you got it, your chances of dying were about 40%.

In 1952, just before the Salk vaccine became common, there were about 58,000 cases of polio. If you get unlucky, you might end up permanently disabled, or dead.Meningitis, hepatitis A and B, flu, mumps, whooping cough, pneumonia, rotavirus, rubella, smallpox, tetanus, chickenpox. Chickenpox.

We have vaccinations against all of them. Which side do you want your child to stand on? So, even if vaccination did cause autism, which it fucking doesn't, anti-vaccination would still be bullshit.

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This Penn and Teller clip is from their show "Bullshit!" Take a few minutes to watch the whole episode. Thanks to YouTube user Mkaidy for the upload. Check out this brief review of vaccines for more information.

May 01, 2014

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