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Jose Antonio Vargas has lived his whole life in America. He's been a model citizen, as have his grandparents. So why isn't he an American?

  • At 1:20, he shares a tragic part of his story.
  • At 2:21, he calls out the entire immigration system.
  • At 3:08, he shares an awful fact about our government.
  • At 3:58, he introduces his entire legal family.
  • At 4:15, he explains why you shouldn't call him Illegal.
  • At 5:45, he asks a really great question.
  • At 6:15, he asks an even better question that every Congresscritter should be forced to answer before deciding these things.
I've found that people who read my stuff get uncomfortable sharing immigration stories, even though they are some of the most important ones we can share. There are real families, doing nothing wrong, who are affected by this. So do me a favor. Ignore that inner voice that says, "Immigration doesn't impact me, and I don't know what we should do, so I'm gonna ignore it." You don't have to grasp all the nuances of it to at least start a conversation. Click the share button and help bring some much needed attention to an issue that people don't talk about enough.

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