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Walking alone at night is definitely something I try to avoid a much as I can.

You try to tell yourself that you're a brave, strong person and you shouldn't be afraid of walking alone. Like, it sounds really simple and easy, but that's just not the case.

Walking down the street and you get some catcalls or comments from men and sometimes they follow you and they won't let you go.

Sometimes I'm like, "I can totally take this guy right now if I need to," and, like, I don't know if that's a good thing.

Stomp on the ground. Like, walk really loudly. Walk really tall with good posture.

I dial 911 and, like, have it ready as I'm walking.

I carry around a pocketknife.

Sometimes when I go out at night I make sure I have my running shoes on.

There's one particular time that I stood in the center of, kind of like, a busy street and waited for the bus there, because I was so horrified.

That can get to a point where it's, like, almost debilitating where you're thinking about it constantly.

I'll put my keys, like, in-between my knuckles and just be like Wolverine. Like, ready to go.

I've done that a few times.

It's just, kind of like, a defense mechanism that I've developed over time.

People, kind of, imposing these precautions on you, and they expect you to have these precautions.

My dad had me take self-defense classes, and at first I was really opposed, like, "I'm not a violent person. I don't enjoy fighting or anything like that." And he was like, "I know, but it's stuff that you need to be learning." And I hated that he was right.

As you get older and you know people who it's happened to, I think it starts to become more real and it starts to probably scare you more.

Especially because on the news you just hear about all, like, the bad things that happen and all the violent things that happen.

No one's really told me what the best way to handle it is so I'm kind of just figuring it out as I go along.

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