Here's Something We All Do On The Sidewalk But Never Question

I was so busy rooting for Daniel in this video that I did NOT expect the ending. Turns out, we have some very important questions that we need to SLOW DOWN and ask ourselves.

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You know, sometimes in the street, I would start an imaginary walking contest with a random pedestrian. I don't know why but when we walk at the same speed, but I get uncomfortable.

I get uncomfortable and I feel like the other person gets uncomfortable, too. He's probably thinking, "Why is he walking next to me? What's wrong with this guy? Does he have an agenda against me?"

So I start to accelerate, but I'm playing it cool, as if I'm unaware of this walking contest... As if... as if I'm actually busy. So busy, that I have to walk faster.

So I'm moving faster, separating myself from the other person... saying to myself, "Daniel, you are going to win this contest. You are better than him! You are busier than him! GO!"

And then just went I cross the finish line, I glance back at him. And yeah, I feel like a winner. But I... but I also feel a little silly. What is so scary about moving together at the same speed? Is it safety issues? Intimacy? Individualism? Like, there is no way I have something in common with the stranger, not even the speed of walking?

Why can't we walk together?

I think it can be very cool. So...

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Brooklyn-based musician, comedian, and director Daniel Koren reflects on a surprisingly common pedestrian experience in this video.

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John Mortara

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