By Looking At Her, You May Not Know What She's Hiding Underneath

Rossalyn Warren

Take a short glimpse into the life of Dominique, a black former track athlete who, as a way to deal with the racial microaggressions he has been subject to, chooses to mask as a white woman. How he looks and what he wears is only one part of his story ... as you'll hear him explain in this clip.

Just ... wow, what an incredible insight into a unique community. As I mentioned before, this is merely a glimpse into Dominique's life. In the meantime, you can read up on some of the things he talked about, such as racial microaggressions, here and here.


The documentary was made by Nick Sweeney and Luke Malone. Thanks to my friend James West for sending this over. This is a clip from a Channel 4 documentary "Secrets of the Living Dolls" about men who are female maskers/dolls and choose to re-create and exaggerate the female form by wearing latex rubber suits and heavy drag makeup.

You can catch this documentary on Channel 4's website. For my Ammmuuuuurrican friends, it's coming to you soon too this year!


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