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Jean Kilbourne: Not only are girls seen as objects by other people, they learn to see themselves as objects.

Pedro Noguera: There's still so much work that has to happen with girls about identity and about the emphasis placed on beauty, and body image. But for boys there's been no similar kinds of movement, at all. Boys are still led to believe that power is associated with domination. 

>b>Jackson Katz: We need to redefine strength in men. Not as the power over people, but as forces of justice. And justice means equality, and fairness, and working against poverty, and working against inequality, and violence. That's strength.

Rosario Dawson: We're creating new leaders and they're not going to look like how they always did. That is the true reflection of this country and of this world.

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This rad video was made by The Representation Project. You can join them in their movement to challenge society's limiting representations of gender by taking their pledge here. Thumbnail photo via Thinkstock.


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