Are Vaccines Unsafe For Children? These 2 Minutes Cover Everything You Need To Know.

If you have children, all you want is for your kids to be safe and healthy. Some parents are afraid and anxious about vaccines. But we owe it to our children to act on the evidence.

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Narrator: In the other part of the last century, hundreds of thousands of people got Whooping Cough every year. It wasn't always lethal, but was always miserable. And, we figured a way to solve that, we got a vaccine. We start giving people the vaccine and sure enough, by the 70's, only about a thousand people [inaudible] per year. But it sticks back up since then and it's now 15 times what it was in the 1970's. There are a lot of reasons for that, but a big one is that just stop vaccinating their kids.

Studies have shown that in areas where a lot of parents don't vaccinate their kids, they are significantly more likely to see outbreaks of those things like Whooping Cough or Measles. Measles was officially eradicated in 2000. And yet there have been 288 cases of it so far this year. That's way beyond anything in recent memory! But it's part of a trend. There are a hand-full of celebrities that have committed themselves to telling people that vaccines, rather than saving lives are really unsafe:"The vaccines that push children into this neurological downside, which we call autism."

The doctor who started all this in the late '90s is being thoroughly discredited. He's actually part of practicing medicine from Britain, because he made up his numbers. But that doesn't stop on call fight celebrities for spreading the fear. And fear matters. The anti-vaccine body count, counted 12,8044 vaccine preventable illnesses, including the 1336 vaccine preventable deaths in U.S. since 2007.

But in the rest of the world, vaccines were nothing short of a miracle. According to the Gates Foundation, about 2.5 million lives were saved every year by vaccines. A lot of that is just Small Pox alone, which used to kill about 2 million people every year and today kills zero because we vaccinated everyone against it.

So when it comes to vaccines, stop listening to the kooks, start looking at the evidence and just vaccinate your kid!

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Researched and put together by the data wizards at Vox. As with all vaccine-related (and also, anything that claims any facts) posts, we fact-checked the heck out of their numbers before sharing this with you.

Jul 18, 2014

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