An experiment: If you saw your wife or your mother in the street, homeless, would you recognize her?

This is an interesting way to put a face on what can happen to anybody — lose a job, have a medical crisis, and suddenly, you might be there, too. Or your relative...

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Veronika: My sister and her family have lived in New York for like eight years now. She took care of me when I was a little kid because my parents were working.

Shaunya: Every Sunday I cook and so my uncle calls me, and he'll be like, hey, whatcha [sp] making?

Tom: Nobody meets in bars anymore, but I met my wife in a bar, and you know, 34 years later still working.

Evan: My grandma had a lot of costumes from a theater that she started. When we were kids we'd dress up in those costumes and we'd put on little sketches for the family.

Allison: In my whole life, I've always felt like we were like a team, my brother and I. I think there's nobody who can understand you quite like your family.

Evan: That's my cousin.

Veronika: That's really weird.

Shaunya: [inaudible] .

Evan: I know she's not homeless. Yeah, cause I just hung out with her a couple weeks ago, but I mean, I did not know that that person when I was walking by was her.

Veronika: It's, you know when things are a lot more real? Then you expect, so.

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This video was made by the New York Rescue Mission as part of an effort to raise awareness for the homeless. I think it worked. Check out their website and Facebook page. More on this campaign is available at

Apr 30, 2014

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