A Hollywood Actor Wants People To Stop Denying A Certain Controversial Issue

These days, Tony Goldwyn is best known as Fitz Grant, the ethically challenged POTUS in the popular TV show "Scandal." He may only play a politician on TV, but his interest in politics is becoming a more prominent theme of his work. He's directing a new show called "The Divide," a fictional story that delves into the politics of the U.S. justice system.

In this interview with Larry King, he shares his hope that it gets more people talking about a certain controversial element of American history and politics.

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Larry King: You were on our friend Tavis Smiley's show and you said how racial politics fascinates you. Why?

Tony Goldwyn: Well you know, I'm always fascinated by how much different-ness between people. Whether it's religious differences, racial differences, socio-economic differences divide us. A predisposition to being uncomfortable with our otherness. And yet I think we all have this innate goodness that wants to see our oneness and our sameness and our communal, you know, human experience. And we are far more the same than we are different. What I find fascinating now and it's something you really explore and divide. You know, with President Obama's accession to power, to the White House. You know, it broke the mold we're in. Supposedly a post-racial world, but people's racial prejudices and discomforts and anger and all of that rage. When that happens, when you make a big move forward, all of a sudden, all of that ugliness in ourselves comes out as well.

So one of the things The Divide explores is, you know, one of our protagonists, the DA that I mentioned. Played by the great Damon Gupton, is determined as a politician to live in a post-racial world. Whose father, played by Clark Peters, if you remember from The Wire which he made such a brilliant actor, who is the police commissioner of Philadelphia. You know they are very much part of the power structure. He really sees, he came up in the Civil Rights Era and sees it very differently. And we... It's just something we want to believe we're beyond and we just are not. And it's important to talk about it.

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Original by "Larry King Now." Follow Larry King and Tony Goldwyn on Twitter. "The Divide" premieres on July 16, 2014, at 9 p.m. Eastern on We TV.

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