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stephanie beatriz

Pop Culture

Stephanie Beatriz performed hit song from 'Encanto' and it was pure magic

The entire voice cast reunited to deliver an epic live concert.

Stephanie Beatriz singing "The Family Madrigal."

Disney’s “Encanto” brought us a magical house, an iconic family and some serious bops. The only thing that could possibly make it more enchanting would be to see it all in real life.

Well, “Encanto” fans, your dream has come true. And it’s a gift worthy of the Madrigal family.

Back in November 2022, the original voice cast reunited to perform a live concert performance of “Encanto” at the Hollywood Bowl in California, complete with a full orchestra and 50-person ensemble as the film played on giant screens.

For those of us who weren't able to attend this epic concert, luckily the internet provides. A video posted to YouTube shows Stephanie Beatriz singing the movie’s hit song “The Family Madrigal,” where her character Mirabel introduces us to her family and their special powers—all except hers, of course.

Before “Encanto,” Beatriz was mostly known for her ultra-cool deadpan cop Rosa Diaz in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” So to say that people were floored that she could sing, dance and do it all with a huge smile on her face would be an understatement.

“This woman is not just singing is PERFORMING!! It's like you see the animation through her!” one person wrote.

“Stephanie Beatriz is awesome. She's a chameleon as an actress, able to switch between utter deadpan and completely unfiltered excitement at the drop of a hat, she's got incredible comedic timing, she can dance, and she has an incredible voice and vocal range,” commented another.

Perhaps the only thing more compelling than Beatriz's performance in the video is the amount of little kids seen in the audience completely enthralled. “Encanto” has been widely praised for helping BIPOC children feel represented on screen.

One person shared, “This makes me emotional, the little kids in the audience are so happy.”

Watch the epic performance below:

To see the entire show, a filmed version of the live performance is available on Disney+. That’s right—a film of the live performance … of the film. How meta.