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southern accents

Pop Culture

Woman gives fascinating history of how the Southern accent is left over from British ancestors

"According to linguists, we're the only people left in the United States who generally still sound like our ancestors."

Woman explains the history of the American Southern accent.

Even if you've never set foot in the American South, chances are you've heard a Southern accent...or at least Hollywood's attempt at a Southern accent. Thanks to actors like Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Andie McDowell and Morgan Freeman, authentic Southern accents can be heard on the big screen without the cringey forced nature of people pretending to be Southerners.

But misconceptions around Southern accents and perceived unintelligence continues to run rampant, in large part due to the portrayal of Southerners in movies and television shows. While the stereotypes have been reigned in over the years, many folks grew up watching the "Beverly Hillbillies" or "Hillbilly Moments" from the "Amanda Bynes Show."

So, it's no wonder when a woman was giving a rundown of living in the small town of Purvis, Mississippi, someone mocked her accent and told her to "speak English." Instead of getting upset, Mississippi Memaw gave the commenter a fascinating history of southern accents while showing some of the best parts of Mississippi.

"Most people don't realize that the American Southern accent is not a sign of ignorance, but actually the fact that, according to linguists, we're the only people left in the United States who generally still sound like our ancestors," she says.

Accents are regionally unique, including Southern ones, contrary to popular belief. A Southern accent from North Carolina will sound different than one in Georgia. Mississippi has several different accents, as does Louisiana and Texas, which the TikTok creator touches on in her video by slipping between different Southern dialects and tying it all back to the British.

It's certainly interesting to hear and gives you a few things to look up while appreciating the photos of creeks, crawfish boils and rock formations from around the state of Mississippi.

Check it out below:


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