A Twitter user, who says their friend teaches elementary school sex ed, recently shared student questions — and they were adorable.

Some of the best questions included:

"Wouldn't it be just as good if a boy had a baby for a change?" (Yes!)

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As a preteen, the information I received about sex was pretty unhelpful.

I think the idea of young women masturbating and finding sex enjoyable is really uncomfortable for a lot of adults, which is unfortunate — because even if you don’t talk about it, it’s still happening.

If we can’t bring ourselves to speak candidly to young adults about sex, how can we expect them to communicate confidently with their partners about their needs?

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Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and rape culture.

In a new video project, several men read aloud stories about sexual encounters. Then they answer a question: Is this a summary of a porn scene or a personal story about sexual assault?

In the video above — a clip from "Be Frank," a short film by Damayanti Dipayana and Camilla Borel-Rinkes — the men's answers varied. A lot.

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If children are our future, what does that make teachers?

I think we'd all agree that the people in charge of teaching the next generation are pretty important. Yet educators are still under-appreciated and underpaid.

Thankfully, that doesn't stop them from being amazing.

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