Mom's hilarious grocery cashier character created during playtime has people rolling

Mom Aubrey Sanchez might have invented "Rosey" for her daughter, but now everyone is entertained.


We've all met Rosey.

Playing pretend isn’t always something that comes as naturally to adults as it does to kids. But as we become more aware of just how important playtime is to a child’s development, more and more parents are rolling up their imaginary sleeves to put in the work.

Of course, some parents have absolutely no problem committing to the bit. Aubrey Sanchez is clearly one of those parents.

On January 1st, Sanchez debuted Rosey, a salty-but-charming grocery cashier created during a bit of play time spent with her daughter, in a video clip that racked up a whopping 61.3 million views on TikTok.

Rest assured, anyone who’s stepped foot into a grocery store has met Rosey, which makes it oh-so hilarious. From her long nails that go clickety-clackety on the keys of her toy cash register, to the blasé way she asks for “clean-up in aisle three” to her signature sarcastic catchphrase, “that’s a blessing,” people simply can’t get enough.

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“Canceling the Netflix and Paramount subscriptions right now for this show,” one person wrote.

Another added, “If you did 45 minutes straight, I’d watch till the end.”

Sanchez has even added several new dimensions to Rosey’s story.

For one thing, she’s a hard worker, as seen by her “Employee of the Month” award hanging in the background of another video. This is especially well earned since she is constantly having to deal with Bobby, her imaginary coworker, never being around when she needs him—not even when there’s a difficult customer.

Rosey also has multiple interests, including some nice relaxing tea time, doing her own shopping, and of course sharing in some workplace gossip.

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Clearly everyone is having so much fun with these, including Sanchez’s daughter, who even dons the cashier apron from time to time. Though she does overcharge mom for a reusable bag when she does.

Maybe not everyone can create full blown characters like Rosey, but there are dozens of ways to incorporate play in a way that can satisfy both parents and kids. In her book “Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers: Create a Life that You and Your Child Both Love,” parenting coach Faith Collins even assures that sharing in household chores together can count. In fact, according to some studies, they might even prefer it to playing pretend.

The point is: playtime is so important for kids. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a drain for adults. And who knows, maybe filming it all on TikTok is the very thing needed in this modern age to make it enjoyable for the whole “fambily,” as Rosey would say.