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dating green flags


Therapist lists 'green flags' women look for when visiting a potential partner's home

There's something about a guy who isn't afraid of period products.

Therapist lists 'green flags' to look for when visiting date's home

When looking for a potential mate people often talk about the different types of "flags" that can be present. Generally, red flags mean you should stop or proceed with caution while watching for other red flags, while green flags are a sign of positive things. Jeff Guenther, LPC goes by the name of TherapyJeff on social media.

The therapist recently asked the women in his audience about "automatic green flags" they look for when visiting a man's apartment for the first time. They do not disappoint. Guenther takes the top 12 answers and compiles them into a list to help out his fellow guys who may be struggling.

Seemingly predicting that some men may swipe away, he informs them that these are changes they can make before the day is over. The list is quite simple and may encourage people to attempt to have at least one of them available in their home before their next date.

Coming in with something that seems unassuming, Guenther says guys should install a bidet.

"12, a bidet. Buy one online and hook it up to your toilet, ladies love it but it will also change your life forever. Trust me," the therapist says.

The list includes other simple things like a throw blanket on your couch, a hairless bathroom counter, and sheets that are any other color outside of black or navy. Judging by the comment section, women are not only appreciative of Guenther taking the time to compile a list but they're also adding additional green flags.

Would you add anything to the list? Check it out:


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"BAR SOOO. LOW. If one of my female friends couldn't check all of these boxes I would question their sanity. But collectively most sis[sic] hetero dudes have kept the bar so low that these are green flags," one woman complains.

"This list is fascinating (omg why is there never a trash can in the bathroom!!)," another woman says.

"It's a green flag for me when they have like, any sort of personal items on display. Like cards, framed pictures, decorations or gifts, souvenirs, etc...reminders of good times/friends/family," someone writes.

"A book clearly in the process of reading (either real or ebook). Library card in a visible place–GOLD flag," another person shares.

Several men in the comments are excitedly expressing that they didn't know they were already giving off all these green flags based on the list. Some talk about being passionate cat dads while at least one man was anxiously awaiting Godzilla figurines to make the list. Overall it seems that nearly everyone in the comments was appreciative of the list and who knows, maybe he'll do one for green flags guys should look out for.