GET IT, GIRL: Emma Stone Calls Out Sexism In The Media, Could Not Be More Awesome While Doing So

Back in August, Emma Stone did a cover shoot and interview with both Vogue and Teen Vogue. I bought both of these magazines because a) my job is media criticism and b) I have a fever and the only prescription is more Emma Stone.Interestingly, while the Vogue interview focused on, gee, I dunno, Emma as a person, the Teen Vogue interview focused on ... her clothes, her current relationship with Andrew Garfield (who was also being interviewed and is the guy in the gif below), and how she deals with being famous. And then, on the very last page of the magazine, tacked on hurriedly to the end of the interview ... this gem. I mean, it's the least we could do to immortalize this moment of awesome in gif comic book page form.