Why People Who Voted For Obama For His Stance On Immigration Are Getting Mad

There's a sensible way to enforce immigration laws, and this isn't it.

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Maria Acosta-Luis: It never dawned on me that my husband could be deported.

Narrator: Maria's husband Brigido was deported in November of 2013. He had been working in this country for over a decade, and his wife and two children are U.S. citizens.

Maria Acosta-Luis: We did everything together. We cooked together. We did the laundry together. So when you take a part of that painting out, it just breaks up the family. My son needs him, my daughter needs him, and I need him.

David Leopold: We're seeing families on a day-by-day basis, American families, being torn apart by ICE agents and field offices that are not enforcing the law in a commonsense way.

Narrator: More than 1000 immigrants every day and nearly 400,000 immigrants every year are deported. That's hundreds of thousands of families being split up. It's time to end this injustice.

David Leopold: You know, the Obama administration and the Congress have a shared responsibility to stop the bleeding of America's families, to stop tearing apart America's families. Not one more family should be punished because Congress is delaying doing its job.

Narrator: Congress's delay is no excuse. House Republicans are playing politics, and have chosen not to take action on immigration reform. It could be months, or even years, before they pass a bill, and that could mean hundreds of thousands more families like Maria's are forced apart.

President Obama can stop these deportations. Using his executive powers, he can choose not to deport people like Brigido, people who are part of American families, people who qualify for legislative immigration reform. Instead, since Obama has taken office, he has deported 2 million immigrants. Very soon, he will have deported more than any other president in history.

Maria Acosta-Luis: I voted for Obama, based on immigration reform. I voted for him because he said he was going to do something for us – and he hasn't. You know, and if anything, he's done worse than any other president for us.

Narrator: Help bring Maria's story, and the stories of the millions like her, to President Obama.

Maria Acosta-Luis: As long as somebody gives me a voice, and somebody gives me a chance, I'm going to keep fighting.

Narrator: Tell President Obama to stop deporting people like Brigido. Visit americasvoice.org/2million to take action.

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Unfortunately, Maria's story is not an isolated incident. Check out America's Voice for more information, and see other clips at America's Voice TV.

Apr 30, 2014

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