When A Dude Says That Maybe She's Asking For It, She Has The Perfect Response. So. Very. Perfect.

Every once in a while, you'll hear the bizarre horrible excuse when a woman is attacked that because of what she was wearing at the time, she was "asking for it."

Aside from being horrifically insensitive to the victim, it's also really, really dumb. Here's why.

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In my recent internet travels, I came across a visual that commented on rape culture: six female forms are shown in various states of dress from completely covered to totally naked. Under each, the caption “Not Asking For It.”

Predictably, the citizens of Facebook responded: Of course naked ladies ALWAYS want to have sex! Of course your outfit can mean you want to get raped.

However, in my experience, one of the chief perks of having sex with an adult is that if they want something, they can ask for it. For instance, if I’m at dinner with my mom and I want her to pass the salt, I don’t put on my special salt costume. I ask for the salt. With my word place.

Imagine, if you will my young travellers, a strange world in which all of us, regardless of beard bra or body hair, can only express our wants and needs through our clothing. Doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo-doo. Because of all the different vestments we will need, everyone will have to drag large steamer trunks with them everywhere. Airport security will be a nightmare. “Excuse me sir, you can’t bring this knife suit on the plane with you.” “But how else am I supposed to tell the stewardess that I want the chicken?” Fuck you TSA!

Steakhouses would be a walking health code violation, everyone draping themselves in meat. If you want your steak rare, just douse yourself in blood before coming in. Don’t worry, you won’t get salmonella... unless you ask for it.

But wait, our perilous trek has yet to encounter the greatest danger of all: changing into our different costumes. Of course, there will be government changing booths scattered about like stop signs, but these cannot account for the emergencies.

Say I’m running late to work and need to catch this bus. Whilst yanking on my giant hand outfit to wave the bus down, I will for a moment be naked. If someone happens to see me, we must instantly have sex. No time even for the condom costume- which is just putting on a condom- NO! We must fuck posthaste.

And if anyone stumbles upon us, mid-coitus,they’ll have to join in and our orgy will grow like a giant, naked peach of sex juices.

Injuries would be rampant, from sprained vaginas to dehydration- if only someone could change into their 911costume. But Noooo, hospitals are no safe haven. People there are naked all the time. Just think about it: sponge baths, the morgue, childbirth. The person in labor will be naked from the waist down, and how do you take something out while putting something in?

You don’t. People would stay pregnant forever, no one would ever make their bus, all the Home Depot flowerbeds would wilt, and we would all die, starved but still fucking in the streets of our cities.

But you can save us from the impending apocalypse of naked. For the love of god and humankind, stop asking people’s clothing to have sex with you and start asking people.

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Spot-on rant by the woman who will let you know when she's actually asking for it, Anna Binkovitz. Brought to you by the fine folks at Button Poetry.

Jun 09, 2014

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