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Michael Gardner: My name is Michael Gardner and I'm a black actor.

Chorus: 'Cause when I whip out my nine, son, it's gonna be on up in this bitch. It's gonna be on up in this bitch. [inaudible]

Michael Gardner: Now, basically, I realized I needed to show the industry. Hey, I'm a black actor. I can act black. Which is why I created "Thugs the Musical".

Chorus: Car in neutral. Turn out the lights. Bust a cap. It's a drive-by.

Louis Frankel: So you know I just got the one line and um I'm actually playing a black guy for the first time. Which is awesome.

Break yourself fool.

Speaker: Oh I felt that.

Speaker: Yeah, yeah. No, that was good. Um, just make it bigger.

Yvette: It's like it really talks about what it's like in the hood, you know.

What you being froggy now? You feeling froggy? Then jump. Why don't you jump? Go ahead, jump.

Donald Evan Lesley: If you're British and black in Hollywood you have to be able to nail the American accent.

We gonna roll up on these fools for sure. Real talk. You know what I'm saying? That's real talk.

I'm working on it.

Chorus: This nigga got a gun now. All ya'll better run now. He's gonna pull the trigger. Go figure. Yo, nigga. Break yourself.

Speaker: Listen, I didn't shoot nobody.

Peppermint: You heard about "Thugs the Musical." Oh, you know, we in this thugging and singing. Hell, yeah. Plus, I heard one these motherfuckers was in "Oliver."

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Original by Kevin Avery. You can watch the whole musical online at Distrify. And, I mean, it's only a dollar. That's a steal.


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